Oklo - A review and critical evaluation of literature

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Oklo - A review and critical evaluation of literature

Postby Michael » 07 Dec 2008, 03:20

Title: Oklo - A review and critical evaluation of literature
Author: Lena Zetterström, Laboratory for Isotope Geology, Swedish Museum of Natural History
Published: October 2000
Availability: Downloadable, from SKB
Distribution: Unknown

Summary: This literature study summarizes a few reports that has been written on the subject of the natural nuclear fission reactor at Oklo, Gabon, Africa. The report concludes that the actinites formed from nuclear fission, such as plutonium, have remained completely retained in the rock for well over a billion years, despite being entirely unprotected from the elements and flushed through by water. Other more volatile elements, such as Caesium and Strontium have migrated out.

Reference code: L. Zetterström, Oklo – A Review and Critical Evaluation of the Literature, SKB Technical Report TR-00-17, Stockholm, 2000.

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